Oh my


Oh my, my my…..so much to write about and to update and so little time.  I guess nothing spectacular has happened that warrants me to blog about it.  Seems like days and weeks just blend in together now.  I don’t think its a “I have kids” kind of thing, I think its just a being busy thing.  But who isn’t busy?

As the weather is getting nicer (thank goodness), I’m looking forward to running again.  I’ve done three runs already this season and I plan to log in two more by the end of the week.  Gotta get in shape for the 5K I’m running with Jean at the end of the month.  Ack!

KK is getting bigger and more mobile by the day.  She’s blabbering a lot now too and her little personality is really coming through.  Can I say inpatient?!  Ha, she must get that from her dad, ha!

I’ve got a few trip coming up in April that I’m looking forward to.  We’re doing a practice “away form home” trip to Philly before the big trip to Hawaii with KK.  I also just found out that I’ll be in NYC for work too.

More details later peeps!


I survived


So I survived the weekend sans P.  Of course having my mom around helps a ton!  I don’t know how you ladies do it all by yourselves sometimes.

I had my brother and Eric over for lunch on Saturday.  We had Chinese hot pot so it was very little cooking or prep on my part.  However, I did have to venture to the Asian grocery store and babies R us that morning.  Those two places are my least favorite places to go to.  The Asian grocery store is basically filled with rude, bad driving people all packed into one small parking lot/store.  I hate to be stereotypical but I have encountered so many rude and awful drivers there that I think the stereotype is pretty true.  Babies R us is just the most unorganized and incompetent store.  I had to return something there and pick up some baby food.  I’m trying not to ever go back there again, haha.

We took KK to the mall on Sunday.  She loves people watching and checking out all the sights and sounds.  We met up with a friend and her son.  It was great cause I hadn’t seen her since my baby shower.  KK was hamming it up and giggling at them in her highchair.  She was so tired she fell asleep in her stroller for a bit.  She usually stays awake watching everything going on around her but I guess she couldn’t stay awake any longer.  Then she wouldn’t take her afternoon nap when we got home and ended up going to bed early.  Well, its good and bad.  She got up an hour early this morning and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  The thing is, she is able to pull herself up to a stand in her crib but once she gets up she doesn’t know how to get back down so she’s stuck standing. hahah.

So needless to say, I’m a bit sleepy today.  Zzzz zzzz.  I can’t wait till P gets back this weekend.

Single parent


So P leaves today for a week long trip to the West coast.  He will be meeting up with his sister and mom for the weekend.  They are headed out to Vegas to celebrate his mom’s 75th birthday.  I must say, that lady looks darn good for 75.  Her energy level puts teenagers to shame.  I think its cause she eats light and healthy and she gets plenty of exercise.  She walks a lot every day.  After the weekend, P will be in training in San Diego till Friday.  He heads back on a red eye that gets into Dulles early Saturday morning.

This will be the longest we’ve been apart and definitely the longest with only one of us with KK.  My mom is coming over to hang out with us and to help me out.  I think I would be fine on my own.  Its a little tiring having to watch a little one constantly and its really nice to have someone else there so I could run out to the store or just to the bathroom!

We still haven’t baby proofed the house yet.  We let KK play in the basement where there’s carpet and less furniture.  She has a ton of toys that people have given us.  I joke that we can start our own toy store or daycare with all the stuff that she has.  She’s a lucky lil girl.

I don’t know if other moms have ever felt this way but is it silly to think that KK doesn’t like me too much?  She smiles a big wide giggle when she sees her daddy but with me she’ll smile but its not as dramatic.  I know she’s still little and obviously can’t communicate with words yet but she always seems so “eh” with me.  She’s not a clingy baby and she doesn’t have separation anxiety and she’s not to the point where she can let me know if she wants me or anyone else.  Is it just too early to tell if she “likes” people?  I say this to P all the time and he thinks I’m nuts.  haha.  I used to say the same thing about Heidi liking P more too.

I think that the mom and dad dynamic is just different.  Mom’s nurture and take care of the baby while dad plays with them.  So perhaps its viewed that Dad is more popular but when baby gets sick or hurt, they cry out for mommy.  Is that right?  Am I being silly being all jealous that KK likes her daddy?  Ugh!

Those are my latest obsessions!!  You know how annoying I am when I get something stuck in my head!  I talk about to everyone that passes my way and I can’t stop.  Well, its started again.  Uh oh…..

What a strange combination you might say…..well it caught me by surprise too, people.

I added this new show called Spartacus to my Netflix instant queue.  It looked good and I was a big fan of the movie Gladiator.  It plays on the Starz network but I don’t have that channel.  So P was gone one night at a business dinner and after dinner I snuggled up on the couch with Heidi and a luscious piece of brownie.  More on the “best brownie I have ever eaten” later.  (That obsession went away with the snow storm).  I started the series and much to my surprise it is filled with half dressed, really abtastic men (oh and pretty much nude women too but I’m not into that).  Yeah the plot stinks and the acting is pretty mediocre but I was totally entranced by the show.  Its done in a very 300-ish manner with lots of gore and blood everywhere.  It seems that all the ancient Romans did was kill people and have sex.  Interesting cause they were supposedly so “civilized.”  Oh well, back to the nekkid men.  I was sitting on the sofa and as I was about to take my first bite into the “best brownie I have ever eaten” I saw three if not four completely nude men!  OMG!  Are they allowed to show that on TV?  I know its cable and all but I did not know they could show full frontal male nudity!  So there I’m sitting, brownie in my hand, mouth open in shock.  I think I’m loving this show!

Ok, once again I was minding my own business flipping through channels last night.  We were going back and forth between the Olympics and American Idol and there it was…..the new commercial for the McDonald’s Filet O Fish.  Do you remember how nuts I was about them this time last year?  I was preggers but still.  The obsession was unnatural.  I swear I ate 15 filet o fishes the two months before I popped K out.  I haven’t had one since.  Well, its Lent and they are offering their special once again.  Not two minutes after the commercial was over did I get a phone call from Sophia.  She too was enamored with the FOF deal!  Haha.

Little person


Being snowed in for much of last week has given me some extra time at home with my lil dumpling.  And OMG, it makes me appreciate the daycare providers so much more.  I love my baby just as much as the next mom but at this stage its soooo tiring.  I literally can not take my eyes off of her for a second.  She’s crawling all over the place and she’s grabbing on to things and standing up.  This often results in falling over, plopping backwards, hitting herself on the head, bumping into things, etc.  She’s already bonked her head several times when I wasn’t right next to her.

We haven’t fully baby proofed the house and honestly, unless we wrap everything in the house up in bubble wrap and pads, she will hurt herself.  There are things and places that you’d never expect a lil one to get into or to be interested in and Voila!  that’s the one thing or place they want to get to.  Ack!

All that being said, she’s a ton of fun right now.  She’s blabbering up a storm and very giggly.  Hee hee.

Ok, I have my first 5k run of the year at the end of March and I think I will have a heart attack and collapse on the side of the trail.  I hope Jean, who will be running with me, will roll me over to the side so others don’t step on me as they pass by.  hee hee, no I seriously need to work in a few outdoor runs before then.  I have been slacking of big time and using the snow storm as an excuse to consume everything in sight.  I think I ate one tray of brownies during the storm.    But if you could only see and smell those brownies, you’d understand.  They were that good. So I finally weighed-in this weekend after missing the past month and of course I gained weight.  No surprise to me but still not a good thing.

P and I are contemplating going to bed 30 mins earlier cause the lil dumpling has been waking up about an hour earlier than normal.  We think her teeth on top are coming in so she hasn’t been sleeping as well.  She wakes up about an hour after going to bed and fusses a lil.  And instead of waking up at 6:30 or 7 she’s been getting up at 5:30 or 6.  Grrrrrr.

Food, happiness and things to look forward to.

As for food, I have two birthday lunches this weekend.  One at Maggianos and one for Dim sum.  Both will involve massive amounts of yummy food for consumption by moi.  Its nice cause lil KK will be attending both events with P and I.  I’m eager to have her practice sitting nicely in the highchair and eating her baby food while we have our lunch.  I just hope she is well rested and not itching for a nap during either of these gatherings.

My food cravings have gotten the best of me this week but alas, Monday brings a brand new week that I can start being good again.

I have a friend who I’ve known forever and she’s always been a bit of a wild child.  She’s an avid traveler and she embraces different cultures like I embrace cakes.  hee hee,  here I go with the food again.  I always kind of worried about her because as much as she wanted to find that special someone, she would also often sabotage those efforts.  I have never known her to be in a long term relationship.  But like the saying goes, when the time is right, it happens.  Well, voila!  its happened and I am so very overjoyed for her.  She was married on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and I just got her evite for an informal gathering at her parent’s house in Virginia in March.  I can’t wait.  Happiness…..

Oh and the dreary cold winter has me not in the smurfiest of moods….so I think its important to have things to look forward to.  I just planned out a girls day at the spa for the end of February.  My cousin, mom and I will be enjoying ourselves.  I think its totally warranted especially because I will be on my own for the week before while P is away for training and his mom’s 75th b’day.  I’ll need some pampering after he gets back.

We also have our vacation in April that I’m soooooo looking forward to.  Whenever the cold is really getting to me, I pull up the website with the house we’re renting and I just take in the pictures of the beaches and start daydreaming about beautiful Hawaii.  Ohhh please go away Winter!!!

I can’t believe I just said it out loud.  I’m going to stop by Chico’s today after work.  No no no, its not for me.  Its for my mom, I swear.  Yes, my mom along with art teachers and Michael Phelp’s mom do enjoy shopping at Chico’s.  Her b’day is this weekend and I need to find something for her.

Her love for animal prints is waning and she no longer desires to dress like a mamma bear.  So I was thinking of finding a comfy yet stylish outfit for her to wear when we go on vacation in April.  She may no longer like animal prints but she still likes the bling.  I shouldn’t talk because I too am a fan of the bling just not in excess.

I also need to stop by William Sonoma for a gift for Eric who loves to cook.  I totally forgot to look for a gift for him when I was in NJ last weekend.  those two stores are close to home so I could hit them on my way to pick up miss KK.  Sad how my errands now have to be crammed into daily chores.  So much more thought and planning needs to go into getting everything done.

A side note on my totally crazy eating lately.  I was so good and was eating so healthy for a few weeks and after my girls weekend, I have gone totally nutso.  I won’t even go into detail what I had for lunch today cause I’m just plain ashamed of myself ….but it was soooo yummy and worth it. Ha!  Ok, I will start eating healthy again tonight.  This weekend is an eating death trap too cause we have lunch for Eric’s b’day at Maggianos and Dim sum with my family for my mom’s b’day on Sunday.  I can’t be good even if I wanted to!  So I guess it’ll have to be Monday before I’m back on the wagon, ha.