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Oh my


Oh my, my my… much to write about and to update and so little time.  I guess nothing spectacular has happened that warrants me to blog about it.  Seems like days and weeks just blend in together now.  I don’t think its a “I have kids” kind of thing, I think its just a being […]

I survived


So I survived the weekend sans P.  Of course having my mom around helps a ton!  I don’t know how you ladies do it all by yourselves sometimes. I had my brother and Eric over for lunch on Saturday.  We had Chinese hot pot so it was very little cooking or prep on my part.  […]

Single parent


So P leaves today for a week long trip to the West coast.  He will be meeting up with his sister and mom for the weekend.  They are headed out to Vegas to celebrate his mom’s 75th birthday.  I must say, that lady looks darn good for 75.  Her energy level puts teenagers to shame.  […]

Those are my latest obsessions!!  You know how annoying I am when I get something stuck in my head!  I talk about to everyone that passes my way and I can’t stop.  Well, its started again.  Uh oh….. What a strange combination you might say…..well it caught me by surprise too, people. I added this […]

Little person


Being snowed in for much of last week has given me some extra time at home with my lil dumpling.  And OMG, it makes me appreciate the daycare providers so much more.  I love my baby just as much as the next mom but at this stage its soooo tiring.  I literally can not take […]

Food, happiness and things to look forward to. As for food, I have two birthday lunches this weekend.  One at Maggianos and one for Dim sum.  Both will involve massive amounts of yummy food for consumption by moi.  Its nice cause lil KK will be attending both events with P and I.  I’m eager to […]

I can’t believe I just said it out loud.  I’m going to stop by Chico’s today after work.  No no no, its not for me.  Its for my mom, I swear.  Yes, my mom along with art teachers and Michael Phelp’s mom do enjoy shopping at Chico’s.  Her b’day is this weekend and I need […]