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Tick Tock


Where has all the time gone?  Our weekly ritual of taking a picture of my belly feels like its happening every few days rather than once a week.  I’m almost 32 weeks along and as the clock ticks closer and closer to Dumplings arrival….I freak out a little bit more. Its not unusual to have […]

An Adolescent


I haven’t taken any pics of Heidi lately so this recycled one will have to do, hee hee.  Little Heidi turned two yesterday and P keeps telling her that she needs to start acting like a grown up doggie and not a baby anymore.  She just gives him dirty looks and humps his arm when […]



I think everyone agrees that we need more long weekends.  That extra day off gives us enough time to get all the stuff we need done and all the stuff that we wanted to get to.  I took advantage of the day off to meet my mom for lunch and to go shopping.  Mindless shopping […]



I must say that I have been very fortunate overall (knock on wood) in that this pregnancy has been pretty good to me.  The first trimester was a bit tough but still not as bad as some people have it. I haven’t really had mood swings or crazy cravings and I haven’t had that many […]



It feels like forever since I’ve read a book for fun.  When I was in class, I didn’t have a lot of free time to just read for the heck of it.  When we went on vacation I grabbed a book off of the shelf to read on the place, “Guns, Germs and Steel.”  I’ve […]

Wow, has it already been three weeks since we’ve been back from Hawaii?  Time has just flown by!  I have a co-worker who is out on maternity leave and I’m helping to cover a few things for her so work has been really busy but busy is good.  🙂 I’m still growing and everyone’s eyes […]