Single parent


So P leaves today for a week long trip to the West coast.  He will be meeting up with his sister and mom for the weekend.  They are headed out to Vegas to celebrate his mom’s 75th birthday.  I must say, that lady looks darn good for 75.  Her energy level puts teenagers to shame.  I think its cause she eats light and healthy and she gets plenty of exercise.  She walks a lot every day.  After the weekend, P will be in training in San Diego till Friday.  He heads back on a red eye that gets into Dulles early Saturday morning.

This will be the longest we’ve been apart and definitely the longest with only one of us with KK.  My mom is coming over to hang out with us and to help me out.  I think I would be fine on my own.  Its a little tiring having to watch a little one constantly and its really nice to have someone else there so I could run out to the store or just to the bathroom!

We still haven’t baby proofed the house yet.  We let KK play in the basement where there’s carpet and less furniture.  She has a ton of toys that people have given us.  I joke that we can start our own toy store or daycare with all the stuff that she has.  She’s a lucky lil girl.

I don’t know if other moms have ever felt this way but is it silly to think that KK doesn’t like me too much?  She smiles a big wide giggle when she sees her daddy but with me she’ll smile but its not as dramatic.  I know she’s still little and obviously can’t communicate with words yet but she always seems so “eh” with me.  She’s not a clingy baby and she doesn’t have separation anxiety and she’s not to the point where she can let me know if she wants me or anyone else.  Is it just too early to tell if she “likes” people?  I say this to P all the time and he thinks I’m nuts.  haha.  I used to say the same thing about Heidi liking P more too.

I think that the mom and dad dynamic is just different.  Mom’s nurture and take care of the baby while dad plays with them.  So perhaps its viewed that Dad is more popular but when baby gets sick or hurt, they cry out for mommy.  Is that right?  Am I being silly being all jealous that KK likes her daddy?  Ugh!


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