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Lazy Sundays


Everyone in the house is asleep but me.  Even Heidi is napping on her pillow by the window.  K is napping in her swing and P on the sofa.  I’m the only one awake.  Why can’t I sleep?!!!  I’m an awful napper.  I can’t seem to fall asleep during the day and I sure can […]

I love this time of day….almost as much as the first few minutes after I climb into bed at night….ahhhh, peace.  This is the time of day when I’ve gotten all my personal morning tasks done….showering, pumping, finding some article of clothing that will fit me, all the bottles cleaned and prepared.  Sometimes its a […]

As I’m typing this post, I’m watching K on the baby monitor.  I just put her down for a nap and I left her awake in her crib with her mobile on.  She was peacefully looking at the shapes in her mobile twirl above her.  She just recently started to be able to see things […]

7 weeks


Little K is already 7 weeks old and I really don’t know where all the time has gone.  I’m already more than halfway through my maternity leave and the thought of leaving her all day already makes me want to cry.  It will help that my mom will be watching her for a bit before […]



I try to get out of the house, by myself, once a day.  It hasn’t happened every day but I do make it out several tims a week.  It might be a quick trip to the grocery store, Target or just for a quick walk around the clock with Heidi….whatever it is, it helps me […]