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I was jolted awake a little after midnight on Monday morning with extreme jabs to the abdomen.  It felt like someone was stabbing me in the gut.  It seemed to happen all of a sudden and I was rudely awakened from deep sleep.  I jumped out of bed and half walked and half crawled to […]

I’m getting my weeks all messed up and when I looked up at my calendars (yes that is an “s at the end. I have two calendars at my desk.  One showing the current month and one the next month. Yes I am anal) I realized that August is almost over!  Yikes! The start of […]

Very random….. A possible blister was forming on the heel of my foot and I had to cut my walk short.  We decided to go to Burke Lake park so that Mr. P could do his long run and I could walk with Heidi.  I’m not allowed to run for at least another week or […]

I crashed like a rock last night and 6 AM this morning felt more like 4 AM.  I was not a happy camper.  I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for my first PT appointment.  Good thing is that Mr.P lives 5 minutes from the PT office.  I quickly showered and dressed and […]

A gift from NY


I forgot that I had bought two of these cute lil turtles when I was in New York.  Other than food, its all I bought, haha. I have a small and tiny version of the same turtle.  Made me smile this morning when I “discovered” them in my room.  One is hanging out with me […]

Who gets a sore throat and cold in the middle of August?  Well apparently, I do. Summer colds suck even more than winter colds because it just feels so strange to be sick when its warm out. I had a lovely time at the Gipsy Kings concert on Friday night with my mom and lil […]

When we got back from our run last night, I counted all the new bug bites I had on my legs.  There were ten pink and itchy bumps on my legs.  Mr. P had one.  I told him that mosquitoes love me and he should thank me for distracting them from him. I’ve been steadily […]