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Food, happiness and things to look forward to. As for food, I have two birthday lunches this weekend.  One at Maggianos and one for Dim sum.  Both will involve massive amounts of yummy food for consumption by moi.  Its nice cause lil KK will be attending both events with P and I.  I’m eager to […]

I can’t believe I just said it out loud.  I’m going to stop by Chico’s today after work.  No no no, its not for me.  Its for my mom, I swear.  Yes, my mom along with art teachers and Michael Phelp’s mom do enjoy shopping at Chico’s.  Her b’day is this weekend and I need […]

A PJ party


I had the most relaxing and best time this weekend with my girls in NJ.  One of our own TLC ladies Lin, joined Jean and Chye up in the NJ/NY area.  She recently relocated for work.  Mich and I decided to drive up and spend the weekend with the girls up in NJ for a […]

Short weeks


So I’ve been getting used to these four day work weeks.  How am I going to be able to take 5 full days next week? Ack!  We had the holiday this week and last week I took a day off to recoop from Miami.  No more holidays or PTO time for a while. This past […]

Sitting Idle


Remember back in November and December when I was super busy at work…..well now I’m not.  Haha.  I’ve wrapped up most of my projects and nothing new has really kicked off yet.  This is pretty typical for our team.  We get slammed with everyone wanting to use up their budgets before the end of the […]



So we went from cooooooold to cold.  We took a trip to Miami this past weekend to get away from things here and to celebrate me getting older.  We were looking forward to some alone time and to warmer weather.  Ha!  Mother nature played a little joke on us and it was cold in Miami! […]

I want to blame it on the cold, cold weather but I think its really more a lack of enthusiasm.  I’ve been wearing the same set of outfits to work, over and over again.  I’ve opted for warmth over variety and fashion, haha.  Can you blame me?  Did you take a look at the thermostat […]