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GM concert


I am so tired!  We got back really late from the George Michael concert last night.  We were greeted by a spastic puppy that spent most of the day alone and was soaking up her people time.  Mr.P went over after work to walk her and we kept her loose in the kitchen so she […]

NYC weekend


Ok, so I ate everything that came within a foot of my face.  Hee hee, jk.  It was a weekend of many firsts.  We arrived Friday afternoon and after checking-in, I convinced Mr. P to go and get a cream puff with me.  My favorite dessert in NYC are these Beard’s Papa Cream Puffs.  Yummmm, […]

This week has been rather calm considering its a pretty big week for me.  I’m moderating my first tests tomorrow.  What exactly does this mean?  Well, you know how I often write about observing research or tests from the back room, in the dark?  I watch testers or customers through a two sided mirror where […]

Roomie update


As most of you know, the roomie (aka Missy) has been living with me for about two months now.  Prior to this we’ve been friends for years but only saw each other once or twice a year and talked occasionally.  She’s a nice girl but a bit intense at times. I wrote about her in […]

Holy Guacamole!


Sunday is my long run day which means I need to push way past my high of 3 miles….probably pushing for about 3.2.  Its been really hot and muggy out and I’m recooping from some mysterious “I’m-so-tired,” eye poofing, not-feeling-well symptoms. Wish me luck!

I have a friend that I’ve known for years and I’ve always really liked him….platonic like.  In fact, we met online and it was always a friend thing and not a romantic-I-want-you thing.   He’s a super nice guy and  we’ve kept in touch over the years.  He moved out of state and got married about […]

Jello legs


I’m pooped.  I don’t know why I’m so tired.  Ever since we got back from LA I’ve been in a coma.  I passed out early both nights and woke up really tired.  I got so sleepy driving home from work yesterday that I had to call people to stay awake.  Ugh!  It couldn’t be the […]