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Wow, I can’t believe my lil Heidi is turning one today!  Technically she is no longer a puppy but for anyone who has seen her lately, she’s still pretty puppy like.  She’s 7 1/2 pounds of mischieviousness.  She loves her best friend, Buddy, and they romp around all day together when she visits. I bought […]

Heidi is turning one next week.  I am a bad puppy mommy because I had the date all wrong and it was Heidi’s sister’s owner who reminded me.  I thought her birthday was in March and I did the math and realized that I had the date wrong. Molly is Heidi’s sister and I met […]

Poor Heidi.  She loves going for car rides but now that she’s going to the vet several times in the morning, she starts to shake when I try to put her in her car seat.  I dropped her off this morning for her second hernia surgery. She’s gonna have to wear the dreaded funnel on […]