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Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve!  Woo hoo its party time!  This is the year of the rat and I don’t really pay much attention to all the fortune telling, horoscope type of predictions so I have no clue what the year of the rat means for me. Since its a work night, we’re saving […]

Its been a long time since I’ve seen a really good scary movie.  Seems like the only horror movies the studios are chruning out nowadays are those gore-filled torture movies like Saw and Hostel.  Gross.  Those are scary movies per se, they just freak you out with all the blood and disgusting death scenes. We […]

my weakness


I have many weaknesses…..I don’t claim to be a disciplined person when it comes to food. I must say that my biggest weakness is for dumplings! Oh how I love dumplings. They’re not a really heavy food and there’s nothing better than that first bite into a hot steaming dumpling. The delicious juices just explode […]