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My new work place is the most green place I’ve ever worked.  I was looking around for a trash can yesterday and for the life of me couldn’t find one.  I then noticed that we don’t have regular trash cans.  We have cans for paper recycling, bottle recycling and compost trash…..which I think is pretty […]

So today was my first day at the new job.  As it is with any new job, there are lots of nerves and excitement.  Everyone is really nice and I got to know everyone better when we went out to lunch as a group.  We all shared a little about ourselves.  Seems like almost everyone […]

Today is my last day in the office.  I have a presentation to give after lunch and then I will be turning in my laptop to HR.  Yippie!  I just sent out my contact info to a few people that I wanted to keep in touch with when I leave. I had a rather interesting […]

This is my last week at work. I will post more about my reasons for leaving when I’m officially gone, hee hee. I start next Tuesday at my new job and even though the commute will be hard, I’m really looking forward to this new opportunity. The last few days at a job sometimes feel […]