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I’m glad that I wasn’t nervous.  It was just a mile and I could easily do more than twice that length now.  I did my first official run this past weekend.  It was a short run and Mr. P thought it would be a great first run cause it was a very casual run with […]

I just got one of those Nike + ipod things that helps you track how long you’ve run and what your pace was.  Its really neat.  One piece goes into your Nike + show and the other piece plugs into the ipod.  I used it for the first time yesterday and I loved it.  It […]

I’m as blind as a bat.  I depend on my contacts and glasses at all times.  I can’t make out the features on someone’s face as they sit across from me at dinner much less see that time on the alarm clock in front of the bed at Mr. P’s. I have an alarm clock […]

My weekend was filled with friend, family and food food food!  I feel like a player in hungry hungry hippo.  Place anything edible in front of me and its automatically shoved down my hippo mouth.  Its out of control. I worked from home on Friday so I was able to get work done and still […]

My brother sent me these “classic” pictures from our childhood.  You get to see the various hairstyles I had throughout the years.  One thing I noticed is how thin we were! This was taken during our trip to Disney.  The Epcott center was right behind us.  I don’t look thrilled to be at the Happiest […]

I will agree with my mom in that Heidi is like me at times.  She thinks too much.  For a dog, you’d think she would just do doggie like things and go with the flow.  She’s an anxious lil pup and I can tell when she gets all worked up.  New environments bring that out […]

My roomie invited Mr. P and I out to dinner on Friday night.  We wanted to try something different and she picked a place that Mr. P and I hadn’t tried before.  I love trying new places. We got a lovely table outside and the menu looked great.  I ordered a pitcher of sangria and […]