Massive quantities of …..


Food, happiness and things to look forward to.

As for food, I have two birthday lunches this weekend.  One at Maggianos and one for Dim sum.  Both will involve massive amounts of yummy food for consumption by moi.  Its nice cause lil KK will be attending both events with P and I.  I’m eager to have her practice sitting nicely in the highchair and eating her baby food while we have our lunch.  I just hope she is well rested and not itching for a nap during either of these gatherings.

My food cravings have gotten the best of me this week but alas, Monday brings a brand new week that I can start being good again.

I have a friend who I’ve known forever and she’s always been a bit of a wild child.  She’s an avid traveler and she embraces different cultures like I embrace cakes.  hee hee,  here I go with the food again.  I always kind of worried about her because as much as she wanted to find that special someone, she would also often sabotage those efforts.  I have never known her to be in a long term relationship.  But like the saying goes, when the time is right, it happens.  Well, voila!  its happened and I am so very overjoyed for her.  She was married on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and I just got her evite for an informal gathering at her parent’s house in Virginia in March.  I can’t wait.  Happiness…..

Oh and the dreary cold winter has me not in the smurfiest of moods….so I think its important to have things to look forward to.  I just planned out a girls day at the spa for the end of February.  My cousin, mom and I will be enjoying ourselves.  I think its totally warranted especially because I will be on my own for the week before while P is away for training and his mom’s 75th b’day.  I’ll need some pampering after he gets back.

We also have our vacation in April that I’m soooooo looking forward to.  Whenever the cold is really getting to me, I pull up the website with the house we’re renting and I just take in the pictures of the beaches and start daydreaming about beautiful Hawaii.  Ohhh please go away Winter!!!


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  1. 1 Jean

    Massive quantities of… SNOW.

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