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I see you….


I don’t get it…I’m not that interesting. I think my friends entertain me and listen to my ramblings and often times they read cause we don’t get a chance to catch up in person or by phone. I honestly don’t understand why anyone else would want to read about me. I’ve started to track visits […]

Click here to read more about Operation Terminate. I know that I didn’t do anything wrong per se but I still feel awful about it.  I have to be more careful about dating going forward.  Just because I think I’m being clear doesn’t always translate into the right message. Good thing a dinner date with […]

I’m alive


I’ve survived another week!  This week was tough, kiddies!  I had an awful cold that left me dizzy, stuffed up and achey all over.  I also had a week full of interviews to conduct at work.  I had to sneeze and cough through all these interviews.  Thank goodness most of them were on the phone […]

Ok ok, many of you have suggested that I stalk, ping, plan a get together or just plain attack my old work crush.  Well that wasn’t going to happen……not because Jello is horribly shy and doesn’t like to take chances like that, I prefer the deer in headlights reaction whenever I used to see him, […]

I had a really strange dream this morning.  I dreamt that a close guy friend and I were hanging out and I don’t know what happened but something led to us losing our balance, tumbling around together which led to a close embrace and then a kiss.  Ack!  We were like two little hamsters on […]



For what seemed like a lifetime (when in actuality was more like a day and a half), finally the wait for my new car was over! I picked up my Dark Angel last night. I am so nervous driving it cause its so pretty and I’ve never had a brand new car before! I’ve already […]

Weekend Update


Happy Easter everyone! I don’t really celebrate Easter but I’m a huge fan of chocolate Bunny day. Hee hee.  I know its still the weekend but I don’t think I’ll have time to post tomorrow.  This is why you have several Jello updates in one day, hee hee. Click to read about my thoughts on […]