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I have a Bar Mitvah to attend next weekend so P and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a week early.  I think I was still in grade school the last time I went to Annapolis.  Its such a little gem.  I loved all the little shops and the food is just awesome. We stayed […]

Have you ever seen a commercial on TV and wondered to yourself…”Who the heck would buy that?”  Uhmmmm, me!  I think I’m a huge sucker for commercials.  Maybe not at first and definitely not every commercial on TV but I can name a few that have made me want to drive right over to the […]

I was extra, specialy careful with this recipe.  Well, it was  a Martha recipe and my first Martha endeavor.  I read the recipe over and over again making sure that I didn’t get anything wrong.  I left my ingredients out so they would be at room temperature.  I even used the coarse salt that Martha […]

P has work meetings every once in a while and they usually last all evening.  Shhh, don’t tell P but I actaully don’t mind.  Its not that I don’t like his company its just that a quite evening alone is a nice thing every once in a while. Since it doesn’t happen that often, I’m […]

My two jobs


No one said that being a mom and working full-time was easy.  In fact, the one constant thing that I hear from working moms is that it is super hard to juggle everything and to do everything well.  Something has to give right? Of all my friends and acquaintances, I can’t recall one of them […]



I sort of got into this pattern of baking something every weekend.  For the past few weeks I’ve baked something new or different every weekend and I usually have P take whatever I baked to work with him.  I don’t tend to eat a lot of the baked goodies I make.  I’m not sure why, […]

I have painted, glued and decorated more in the past month than I have in years!  I am by no means an artistic person nor am I very good at crafts but I’ve always enjoyed doing things with my hands.  In teh past few weeks I’ve really been putting those skills to the the test. […]