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Are there certain foods that really set off this trigger in you?  Foods that you can not control yourself around?  I have plenty of trigger foods!  Just the mention of the food will conjure up images and hazy dream-like sequences where I daydream about enjoying these foods. Let me list off a few: – McDonalds […]



There’s a cold going around in the office and I caught it this week.  I worked from home on Tuesday and went for a long run with P.  I was feeling good after run and oh so proud of myself.  Over the course of the day, I started to notice this tickle in my throat.  […]

My initiation


** Warning, this post is about some baby nastiness.** I just typed out an entire post and it somehow got erased as I was about to post it.  Grrrrrr!!! I’ve noticed that popping out a baby doesn’t make one a mother.  There are several trials and tribulations that one must endure before truly feeling like […]

Prime real estate is sought after no matter where you are.  This is very true in my office.  Our group has outgrown our space on the third floor and was able to get some additional space on the second floor.  My team was one of the first to move into this new area on the […]



I’m reading the Time Traveler’s wife for our new book club and one of the main themes in the book is waiting and longing.  I won’t go into too many details about the book in case any of you wanted to read it.  I do recommend it too, I’m not done yet but its very […]

Oh, I definitely felt it when I got out of the car this morning.  My back…my legs…my arms even!  It got a little better as I straightened out my back and started alking towards the entrance to work.  I have been really active this past week and all my muscles are screaming at me! On […]

Zzz zzz zzz


Its been a hectic week with K starting daycare and my workload increasing.  I’ve been rather nervous all week with K in daycare.  I keep glancing at my cell to make sure that the daycare didn’t call.  She’s been rather good and they said that doesn’t nap much and prefers to  be held.  Well, one […]