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I know, I know….I’m a little late for a weekend round up.  Miss KK was a bit fussy on Saturday from her shots and I tried to stay in most of the day.  I went to my WW weigh-in a day early cause of my run on Sunday morning.  I met up with my mom […]

Wow, no one ever told me that the concept of time totally changes after you have a kid.  Itsbeen set at warp speed.  The first 6 weeks seems to go by so sloooooow but after that, its “zip” and now its time to pack them up for college. JK, lol. KK had her 6 months […]

I’m working from home today and as the multi-tasker in me has the laundry running and the tv on in the background.  I’m watching the Monday episode of Oprah that I have DVR’d.  Not sure if any of you have seen this episode so if you haven’t yet, this will be a spoiler.  This episode […]

We had to make our Costco run this past weekend and with the weather being all rainy and crappy, it seemed that half of Northern Virginia also decided to go to the land of bulk items. I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE Costco.  I don’t know what the appeal is.  There isn’t […]

Maybe its because I’m working from home today….or pherhaps its just that its nice and sunny out, but I’d say that today is a great example of a perfect Fall day.  I have really never been a fan of the Fall cause in my eyes it was a time that the trees look like they […]



Every couple of months I get into this creative, crafty mood and feel like I want to make something.  I’m not really talented in this area but I really enjoy most crafts. One area that I have steered away from is scrapbooking.  I think scrapbooking is a little too much and there are way too […]



Yippie!  I ran my first official 5K!  I also did my best time to date too. Woo hoo!!!  I almost died about halfway to the finish line though and had to stop and walk for 30 seconds or so. I’m signed up to do two more 5Ks before the end of the year.  10/25 and […]