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One of those really productive….burst of energy moods…. Yesterday was a super productive day. I was in meetings most of the day and I kicked off a new project that will last for a few months. It has several different components and it might actually take me to California. Can you believe that I have […]

I got up bright and early (not so bright cause it was raining) on Sunday morning to go and cheer my brother on in his first race. He ran the 10 mile GW Classic and I know he was nervous cause this was his first race. He works with a bunch of very active people […]

So I met up with P for coffee after work yesterday.  We grabbed coffee and he went with me to go shopping for a new pair of running shoes.  I went to this special running shop and they watched me run on the treadmill to see how my feet fall, etc.  I got fitted for […]

I walked right into a parade of kids when I entered the building this morning.  I forgot that today is bring your child to work day and I guess we have lots of activities set up to keep the kiddies busy.  I just happened to walk right into a swarm of kids and their parents […]



Distinct smells can often jog our minds and bring back memories that we had tucked back into the recesses of our treasure chest of experiences. The smell of clean clothes always makes me think of my mom and my grandmother. For some reason, I always associate laundry with them.  Maybe its the comfort that they […]

You guys all know that when my eye poofs up all of a sudden, its a sign that I’m seriously stressing out.  Enough with the boy talk, I have more pertinent matters are hand right now. I volunteered to give my final presentation for class next week.  I want to get it over with so […]

I think I’ve made up my mind about Fence.  I could write this in the other blog but I’ll save you guys the click over.  I celebrated Fence’s birthday with him last night.  I met up with him after class and we went out to dinner.  I saw him over the weekend for a movie […]