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Could I squeeze anymore into the last few months of 2008?  We’re now only a week away from the big day!  But things don’t get less busy after the 22nd.  I have to finish up my project for school which will last till mid December.  Work is totally crazy till the end of the year.  […]

It looks like someone cut a basketball in half and stuck it under my shirt.  I’m still kind of in that “Is she getting fat?” stage but in a few more weeks I think it will be very apparent that I have a little one growing inside.  I can’t really hide my belly anymore and […]

Wowsers, I’m almost down to single digits!  We had a really busy Saturday and I spent most of yesterday working on my term paper for school. I’m in the process of getting rid of a lot of things around my house and Saturday morning someone stopped by to buy my sectional couch from me.  Afterwards […]

I’ve been spending my weekends packing and trying to get rid of anything tha I don’t need.  We’ve been moving over a few boxes and some small things every weekend.  I hate moving.  I hate packing and I hate unpacking.  I think if there was a hell…for me it would be where I was perpetually […]