Gladiators and fish


Those are my latest obsessions!!  You know how annoying I am when I get something stuck in my head!  I talk about to everyone that passes my way and I can’t stop.  Well, its started again.  Uh oh…..

What a strange combination you might say…..well it caught me by surprise too, people.

I added this new show called Spartacus to my Netflix instant queue.  It looked good and I was a big fan of the movie Gladiator.  It plays on the Starz network but I don’t have that channel.  So P was gone one night at a business dinner and after dinner I snuggled up on the couch with Heidi and a luscious piece of brownie.  More on the “best brownie I have ever eaten” later.  (That obsession went away with the snow storm).  I started the series and much to my surprise it is filled with half dressed, really abtastic men (oh and pretty much nude women too but I’m not into that).  Yeah the plot stinks and the acting is pretty mediocre but I was totally entranced by the show.  Its done in a very 300-ish manner with lots of gore and blood everywhere.  It seems that all the ancient Romans did was kill people and have sex.  Interesting cause they were supposedly so “civilized.”  Oh well, back to the nekkid men.  I was sitting on the sofa and as I was about to take my first bite into the “best brownie I have ever eaten” I saw three if not four completely nude men!  OMG!  Are they allowed to show that on TV?  I know its cable and all but I did not know they could show full frontal male nudity!  So there I’m sitting, brownie in my hand, mouth open in shock.  I think I’m loving this show!

Ok, once again I was minding my own business flipping through channels last night.  We were going back and forth between the Olympics and American Idol and there it was…..the new commercial for the McDonald’s Filet O Fish.  Do you remember how nuts I was about them this time last year?  I was preggers but still.  The obsession was unnatural.  I swear I ate 15 filet o fishes the two months before I popped K out.  I haven’t had one since.  Well, its Lent and they are offering their special once again.  Not two minutes after the commercial was over did I get a phone call from Sophia.  She too was enamored with the FOF deal!  Haha.


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