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You want to know what my latest craze is?  So bizarre but here it is: Whenever this commercial pops up on TV I stop whatever I’m doing and I can’t help but stare.  And that darn song gets stuch in my head for hours.  All I want to do is go out and get a […]

So we finally uploaded all my belly pics and as I exmained them from early in my pregnancy to now, I notice how much I’ve expanded and grown over the weeks.  Yowsers.  Will the transformation back down to my usual size be the same? My co-workers threw me a baby shower yesterday and I was […]

Food thoughts


I’m typing this and lil dumpling is practicing kung fu in my tummy.  There are all sorts of bumps and waves rippling through my very round tummy as a result of her movements.  When I’m getting settled in at night, she moves around a lot and P liked to poke her lil feet or hands […]

The weekend was great.  The weather is getting nicer and the days longer.  No more ice and waking up in the dark…I hope. For some odd reason, I was super domesticated yesterday.  I cooked dinner using the crock pot so the house smelled all nice and yummy.  I made a batch of cupcakes, yummmmmm.  I […]

So I took what will more likely be my last road trip before lil dumpling arrives.  My mom, cousin and I went to Philly this past weekend for some girl time.  Philly will always have a warm place in my heart because its where we usually meet up for our TLC weekends.  Its the perfect […]

Snow pup


Remember the snow we had last Monday?  Wow, after a weekend of 70 degree weather that all seems like a distant memory.  I worked from home that day and Heidi had a great time romping around on the deck in the snow. She doesn’t like having her picture taken and whenever I pull out the […]

A while back we went to Acadiana for my mom’s b’irthday. Its a cajun inspired restaurant that isn’t too foo foo or high priced to scare anyone off.  This group also owns the new Passion Fish restaurant in the reston Town center.  P and I just went there for the first time last week and […]