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Sooooo Christmas has already come and gone…..New Year’s is around the corner and I’m at work today but my brain is still in vacation mode.  I’ll be taking the rest of the week off but I do need to finish writing up this report before I leave today.  Ack, brain….please come back! P didn’t know […]

Ribbit Ribbit!


What is that raspy, cracklin sound?  And what’s up with the red nose.  No its not Rudolph or some frog mixed with a loud construction tool.  Its just me…with a bad cold. I had to do 6 one-on-one interviews for testing yesterday and I think that made my already sickly sounding voice worse. I think […]

The big cardboard box in the dining room is filled with all the gifts we’ve gotten for people.  None of them are wrapped yet, hence their temporary home in the box.  But I think I’m done!  I ran out during lunch today to get a few more little things. Gift for P- Check! Gift for […]

A slight calm


I’ve been really busy at work lately and it will continue till the end of the year.  Bleh.  I’ve been testing a lot, three in fact.  Each are spaced a week apart from each other.  A lot of meetings, preparation and work goes into planning a round of testing in the lab.  After each test, […]