Sitting Idle


Remember back in November and December when I was super busy at work…..well now I’m not.  Haha.  I’ve wrapped up most of my projects and nothing new has really kicked off yet.  This is pretty typical for our team.  We get slammed with everyone wanting to use up their budgets before the end of the year and then starting in January no one has their money yet so no work can be done.

Ahhh, no worries. I’m enjoying the downtime to get organized and to get ready for the chaos when it does start.  I have class starting next Tuesday and that should take up some of my precious weekend and evening time.  I’ve taken a class with this professor before and he’s very organized.  he’s already sent us our syllabus and first reading assignment.  We don’t have work due every week but we do have a paper, project and two tests through out the semester.  Ack!  Next semester I will have to double up and take two classes, double ack!  I’m hoping to get my Masters before KK goes to college.  hee hee.

Why is it that the process of getting organized involves making a mess first?  I have to take out a bunch of stuff and then find a home for them.  I also make tons of lists so that I don’t forget anything.  I don’t how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with a thought and then it torments me the next day cause I can’t remember it!  Was it a crucial detail or just something minimal?  I dunno, I can’t remember!!

I have yet to clean up all the holiday stuff in our living room.  I also need to organize my closet cause I only seem to access the same things over and over again.  Its like I have clothing amnesia.  I’ve forgotten what I have.  Yesterday on Oprah they were saying that there’s the one year rule.  If you haven’t worn it in a year you should donate it or throw it out.  Hmmmm, is that true?

I have my new desk calendar where I jot down everything I have to do and what’s going on on what date.  I’m still getting use to this new format.  My calendar last year was Dilbert and this year I got this Zen calendar with relaxing phrases like “Practice smoothly exhaling, then inhaling- Calmness of mind is betond the end of your exhalation.”  uhmmm ok.  Did you hear that/  That was the sound of my calmness.  hee hee.


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