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Today my wonderful P turns 38.  We had been wondering if lil dumpling would share her daddy’s birthday but it doesn’t seem like she’s in a hurry to make her debut.  We were joking that P would be celebrating with pink balloons and unicorm themed birthdays from here on out if his little girl’s birthday […]

The Office


Today is my last day in the office before the baby arrives.  I’ll be working from home in the comforts of my stretchy pants and cushy sofa for the rest of the week.  Most people are pretty surprised that I’m still waddling around. I wanted to come into the office today cause we have a […]



It started over the weekend and I tried to relax and rest on the couch rather than get up and run around doing my usual chipmunk stuff.  Its hard to describe but it feels like PMS type of cramps.  Well yesterday it got a bit more intense.  My back started to hurt and I fel […]

P and I went out to the Barns of Wolftrap last night for a Vienna Teng concert.  I’ve seen her in concert several times already but it was a first for P.  She just released a new cd this week and she sang several of her new songs.  I think my preference is still for […]



There really doesn’t seem to be anything worth seeing at the theatres right now.  I want to see the Wolverine movie when it comes out but that won’t be for a while.  I’m much more comfortable at home now so we’ve been renting movies over the weekend.  We saw Marley and Me and the Will […]

Dumpling update


So we had our last ultrasound today and the lil chubster is weighing in at 6 lbs 13 ounces.   Not too shabby.  She’s not huge but she’s definitely a decent size.  The doc decided to keep all my dates the same so the induction date is still set at 4/28. I’m also almost 2 cm […]