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Books of scraps


I’m a bit of a sentimental soul and I like to keep lil mementos to remind me of happy events.  I’m also really big into photos.  I take them, print them and love to share them.  I have tons of framed pictures up all over the house.  It just reminds me of happy times with […]

Have you guys checked out this site: Its part of the same company that owns the Gap and Banana republic.  I spent some time on the site recently and love their selection.  I also love the free shipping and free return shipping.  Haven’t ordered yet but did find a few pairs that I want.

Pizza Face


Just this afternoon I felt the stirrings of a painful zit planting itself on my chin.  Turns out this is one mother of a zit.  First of all, it occupies my entire chin.  Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I can see it taunting me with all its redness. Its […]

The sound of laughter came from all around the room.  You could hear the clanking of glasses as people raised their glasses in cheers.  I attended a friends wedding last night and at first I wasn’t that excited about a Sunday evening wedding.  I kept thinking that I had to work the next day and […]

I think I know why I’ve been so sleepy and hungry lately!!!  I’m hibernating!  Ha. That’s the only possible explanation for why I’ve been sleeping so much and I’ve been eating like a pig (or bear).  the cold weather has launched my body into hibernation mode.  Even though my brain is saying “stay up, there’s […]



Remember I told you guys that I’m not a great sleeper? That I wake up all the time and any noise will wake me up? Well, that all changes when I’m at Paul’s. As soon as I walk into his place, I feel like someone drugged me. I’ll get a burst of energy and I’ll […]

my weakness


I have many weaknesses…..I don’t claim to be a disciplined person when it comes to food. I must say that my biggest weakness is for dumplings! Oh how I love dumplings. They’re not a really heavy food and there’s nothing better than that first bite into a hot steaming dumpling. The delicious juices just explode […]