So we went from cooooooold to cold.  We took a trip to Miami this past weekend to get away from things here and to celebrate me getting older.  We were looking forward to some alone time and to warmer weather.  Ha!  Mother nature played a little joke on us and it was cold in Miami!

It was about 10 to 15 degrees warmer in Miami than it was in DC but the Miami folks were not use to this kind of cold and most were bundled up and avoided the outdoors.  Good thing I opted to not pack my hoochi mama club wear and opted for some long sleeves.  hee hee.

Of course, being the food people that we are, we ate out way through Miami.  Pics are on facebook.  We landed in Ft. Lauderdale and went straight to the Rustic Inn just minutes from the airport.  They have the best garlic crabs!  I’m used to the old bay seasoning on crabs here in MD so this was a new treat for me.  We opted for the sampler that had several different types of crabs…..snow crab, dungeness, blue and golden crabs.  The crabs were so sweet and buttery garlic sauce they were cooked in was superb!  I could of eaten a bushel!

After our “snack” of crabs we went to Jaxsons for some ice cream.  I had the most difficult time picking the yummiest thing to eat on their menu.  We went with the sweetheart sundae.  Oh goodness, I’m still thinking of this sweet goodness.

We checked into our hotel at Coconut Grove and took a nap before heading out to Little Havana for dinner.  We decides to try Versailles restaurant due to all the positive comments on Yelp.  it did not disappoint.  After just a few bites, I was stuffed.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the weather was decent on Friday and we did go walking and we checked out CoCo Walk right by our hotel.  A co-worker had recommended Jaguar, a cerviche bar.  I didn’t want to ruin my appetite so I opted for a mango mojito instead.  Yummy.

Saturday was yucky weather.  It was windy, rainy and cold.  The morning didn’t start off that great.  After our work-out, due to my massive food consumption, we went looking for a place to eat brunch of lunch.  One place that people recommended on yelp turned out to not open till later and when we returned later, they did not serve brunch on saturdays.  So we opted for this little hole in the walk sandwich shop for a nice cuban sandwich.  Food was delish.

We couldn’t really do much with the weather being so awful so we opted to go to the mall.  Hee hee.  For my b’day dinner we went to China Grill in South Beach.  The food was awesome and the presentation was phenomenal.  P and mentioned their fried spinach dish being one of their signature dishes.  It was deep fried till it was almost crunchy.  I was calling it a spinach chip. The best was when they brought out the tower of bananas for dessert with a sparkler in it for my b’day.  Awwww.  Its hard to describe but there was a toffee type of tower and inside it was filled with  bananas in some sort of coating.  Yum.

We ended our gastro trip with brunch at Le Bouchon de grove.  I feel like we were transported to some little cafe in Paris.   The basket of fresh and warm french bread they brought out for us was devine.  I could of eaten a barle full.  Something about french bread just gets me.  I ate it with some of the fresh rasberry jam they brought out and felt totally content.  It was chilly in the cafe cause they didn’t have heat but our warm mugs of coffee warmed us up.  P had an omelet and I had the  banana pancakes.  Their pancakes were less fluffy and denser with a little crisp on the edges.  It was so good that if you put a stack in front of me I would of been like Chilly willy with his flapjacks.  More please!

We drove out to Fl Lauderdale and walked around a bit before heading to the airport.  We came home to a just bathed KK who squealed when she saw us.  Just two days away and she seemed like a different baby.  She’s crawling forward a little now and she’s soooo vocal.  Still no teeth on this munchkin.


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