Short weeks


So I’ve been getting used to these four day work weeks.  How am I going to be able to take 5 full days next week? Ack!  We had the holiday this week and last week I took a day off to recoop from Miami.  No more holidays or PTO time for a while.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my favorite people for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  its been a while since I’ve been to the Lebanese Taverna and I was craving their toasty warm pitas.  Yum!  it did not disappoint.

The weekends are always a blur now.  Usually they are filled with errands, chores and lots of KK time.  P and I are taking turns going to the gym too.  The gyms are currently pretty full due to the New year resolution crowd but I went Sunday morning and it was empty.  Was able to work out, shower and get out of there before the 9am crowd started filtering in.

On a random note, there are several stores that I HATE to go to because they are so unorganized and the customer service is so lacking.  I swear the people who work there and manage these stores are probably a bunch of kids that could care less.  I don’t know what your experience has been but there stores are awful, consistently awful.  The stores themselves are often unorganized and the shelves are not well stocked and good luck if you want to ask someone a question.  More often than not, when you go to the counter the prices don’t ring up correct and then you have to get them to correct it with the sale price. Ack!  I’ll make a little list of the worst offenders.

– Babies R Us (I hate this place.  If it wasn’t for the coupons, I’d never go)

– Radio Shack (I predict they will go out of business in the next two years)

– K Mart (I will go out of my way not to go there)

– Finish Line (Had to exchange a pair of shoes for KK and several people were asking for the number to corporate)

And on the other hand, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the service at the grocery stores lately.  Super helpful and friendly.  maybe the retail stores have been forced to cut down on staff and to hire less “experienced” employees to cut costs but I’ve noticed with certain stores its not just one store that has problems, its all their stores.  This leads me to believe its a corporate culture thing.

Okie, rant over.  I had my first Cognitive Neuroscience class last night and it was really interesting.  Next week we will study the brain and all its parts.  Coolio!  There’s a lot of brain power in the room and I felt during certain discussions that I was not getting it.  I’ll have to make sure I do the readings ahead of time.  I have to come up with a paper topic.  I was thinking last night that maybe I could write about the affect of pregnancy on the brain and its functions. haha.


One Response to “Short weeks”

  1. 1 Jean

    BRU is TERRIBLE – an obvious case of people who are there just for a paycheck. I much much prefer BBB – the workers are helpful, knowledgeable and all around more pleasant!

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