Oh my


Oh my, my my…..so much to write about and to update and so little time.  I guess nothing spectacular has happened that warrants me to blog about it.  Seems like days and weeks just blend in together now.  I don’t think its a “I have kids” kind of thing, I think its just a being busy thing.  But who isn’t busy?

As the weather is getting nicer (thank goodness), I’m looking forward to running again.  I’ve done three runs already this season and I plan to log in two more by the end of the week.  Gotta get in shape for the 5K I’m running with Jean at the end of the month.  Ack!

KK is getting bigger and more mobile by the day.  She’s blabbering a lot now too and her little personality is really coming through.  Can I say inpatient?!  Ha, she must get that from her dad, ha!

I’ve got a few trip coming up in April that I’m looking forward to.  We’re doing a practice “away form home” trip to Philly before the big trip to Hawaii with KK.  I also just found out that I’ll be in NYC for work too.

More details later peeps!


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