I survived


So I survived the weekend sans P.  Of course having my mom around helps a ton!  I don’t know how you ladies do it all by yourselves sometimes.

I had my brother and Eric over for lunch on Saturday.  We had Chinese hot pot so it was very little cooking or prep on my part.  However, I did have to venture to the Asian grocery store and babies R us that morning.  Those two places are my least favorite places to go to.  The Asian grocery store is basically filled with rude, bad driving people all packed into one small parking lot/store.  I hate to be stereotypical but I have encountered so many rude and awful drivers there that I think the stereotype is pretty true.  Babies R us is just the most unorganized and incompetent store.  I had to return something there and pick up some baby food.  I’m trying not to ever go back there again, haha.

We took KK to the mall on Sunday.  She loves people watching and checking out all the sights and sounds.  We met up with a friend and her son.  It was great cause I hadn’t seen her since my baby shower.  KK was hamming it up and giggling at them in her highchair.  She was so tired she fell asleep in her stroller for a bit.  She usually stays awake watching everything going on around her but I guess she couldn’t stay awake any longer.  Then she wouldn’t take her afternoon nap when we got home and ended up going to bed early.  Well, its good and bad.  She got up an hour early this morning and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  The thing is, she is able to pull herself up to a stand in her crib but once she gets up she doesn’t know how to get back down so she’s stuck standing. hahah.

So needless to say, I’m a bit sleepy today.  Zzzz zzzz.  I can’t wait till P gets back this weekend.


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