A Chico’s kind of day


I can’t believe I just said it out loud.  I’m going to stop by Chico’s today after work.  No no no, its not for me.  Its for my mom, I swear.  Yes, my mom along with art teachers and Michael Phelp’s mom do enjoy shopping at Chico’s.  Her b’day is this weekend and I need to find something for her.

Her love for animal prints is waning and she no longer desires to dress like a mamma bear.  So I was thinking of finding a comfy yet stylish outfit for her to wear when we go on vacation in April.  She may no longer like animal prints but she still likes the bling.  I shouldn’t talk because I too am a fan of the bling just not in excess.

I also need to stop by William Sonoma for a gift for Eric who loves to cook.  I totally forgot to look for a gift for him when I was in NJ last weekend.  those two stores are close to home so I could hit them on my way to pick up miss KK.  Sad how my errands now have to be crammed into daily chores.  So much more thought and planning needs to go into getting everything done.

A side note on my totally crazy eating lately.  I was so good and was eating so healthy for a few weeks and after my girls weekend, I have gone totally nutso.  I won’t even go into detail what I had for lunch today cause I’m just plain ashamed of myself ….but it was soooo yummy and worth it. Ha!  Ok, I will start eating healthy again tonight.  This weekend is an eating death trap too cause we have lunch for Eric’s b’day at Maggianos and Dim sum with my family for my mom’s b’day on Sunday.  I can’t be good even if I wanted to!  So I guess it’ll have to be Monday before I’m back on the wagon, ha.


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