Friday musings…


As I’m typing this post, I’m watching K on the baby monitor.  I just put her down for a nap and I left her awake in her crib with her mobile on.  She was peacefully looking at the shapes in her mobile twirl above her.  She just recently started to be able to see things better and is more interested in things.  She loves the little bears in the mobile in her pack and play.  Uh oh, she just went from being peaceful to being annoyed at her mobile.  There’s a lil melody playing along with the twirling perhaps that is starting to get on her baby nerves, hee hee.  She has been pretty good about taking a nap in her crib every afternoon and I was telling my cousin that I was so proud of getting her to do that.  It felt like a giant accomplishment, perhaps even more so than graduating college or getting a job.  I was high fiving myself and patting myself on the back all day.  hee hee.

Ok, she had enough of the lullabies and I had to go up and turn the mobile off.  She dozing right now.  I’ve learned that lil K is a great actor.  She cries to let us know when she’s hungry, tired, uncomfortable or wants to be held.  She also fake cries.  Those are the faint little cries that never progress into a full  blown cry and are more for attention.  Its her diva cry.  She also has perfected the lower lip sad face.  It tugs at our hearts and makes us laugh but also accomplishes what K wants, for us to go and pick her up because she’s ohhhh soooo sad.  Hee hee.

Our latest challenge is that lil K is now refusing to eat out of a bottle.  P was taking over the first night time feeding with a bottle for tha past few weeks now and we’ve fed her twice when we went out to dinner.  Just this week she has decided that she hates the bottle and there could be nothing more insulting that for us to bring a bottle anywhere close to her.  Her sight has improved so now the sheer sight of a bottle coming towards her as her wiggling and flailing her arms to hit that bottle away.  If we dare to put the nipple of the bottle in or around her mouth, she starts to whimper and then break down into a full blown tantrum.  NO BOTTLE!  Well, this is not good considering I have to do all the feedings now and what is she going to do when I go back to work?  I’ve read a bunch of things online and talked the lactation consultant at our pediatrician’s office and we’ve tried everything…different nipples, different people feeding her, feeding her in different places, etc etc.  Nothing works.  I tricked her into taking a few sucks when she was sleeping one time and while I was breast feeding.  She sucked a few times, noticed the difference and proceeded to give me the dirtiest look ever!  Ack!  SORRY!

She’s now eight weeks old and she’s more fun every day.  Sucks cause I go back to work in 4 weeks.  On one hand I can’t wait for the adult interaction and to go back to a routine of sorts but the thought of not being with her makes me so teary.  I know that will go away eventually.  Oh speaking of teary….I don’t know what happened after becoming a mommy but I cry all the time.  Commercials, movies, Oprah (well, that’s to be expected), books, a beam of sunshine on a newly bloomed flower…whatever it is…makes me tear up.  I used to never cry in movies no matter how sad or how many puppies were involved and look at me now.  What the…

Oh and here’s another way K let’s us know what she’s thinking…

The Bird

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend.  Happy Father’s day to all the daddies out there!


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