7 weeks


Little K is already 7 weeks old and I really don’t know where all the time has gone.  I’m already more than halfway through my maternity leave and the thought of leaving her all day already makes me want to cry.  It will help that my mom will be watching her for a bit before she goes to daycare full time.  At least I can ease back into work without having to worry about her.

I’m typing this post as she’s taking her first nap in her crib.  She was getting spoiled napping in my arms.  We put her in her swing at times too and she naps there quite well but Jean made a really important comment today saying that we don’t want her to get used to falling asleep to the motion.  True dat!  Also, is it just me or do yu guys also worry that sitting in the swing for too long will make her dizzy?  So far she’s been sleeping soundly for over 20 minutes so I consider that a great success.  I’m stealing these precious moments to blog to you guys. 🙂

P’s mom has been visiting for the past two weeks and is leaving tomorrow.  I’m glad that she’s been able to get spend time with K and to get to know her a bit.  Just this past week K had been getting to be more interactive.  She follows objects and will look when you talk to her.  My favorite times with her is in the morning when she’s just eaten and has slept well.  She’s usually so happy and will smile and laugh when I talk to her.  I sit her up against my pillow and just babble with her.  I know moments like these will be tougher when I’m working and scambling to get her and me ready in the mornings.

I have plans for us next week!  I’ll be on my own and I haven’t gone out with her (in a car) alone yet.  I’ve taken walks with her and we’ve gone to the grocery store but that’s it.  I have several little errands that I”m saving for next week when its just the two of us.  One big errand is trying to figure out what to get P for his first father’s day.  Any suggestions?  I ordered him a Fudgie the whale cake from Carvel, his favorite.


Other than the cake, I can’t think of what to get him.  So K and I will have to do some shopping next week.

I seriously need to get back to running too.  I am a long ways from fitting into my jeans.  Boo!  I went for my first run this week and I tried to ease back into it by walking and running really slowly, trying to push myself too hard.  I could feel the area around my scar tense up a bit but overall it wasn’t too bad.  I couldn’t walk for the next two days but at least I know I worked my muscles a bit.  I’m trying not to buy new clothes too so I have motivation to work out.  Its hard though cause I run better with P and its hard for both of us to be out running, we would have to find someone to watch K for a bit.  Grandma to the rescue!

Since I spend a lot of my days staring out the window when I’m feeding K, I’ve become the neighborhood old lady that knows the comings and goings of everyone.  The lady across the street is in her 50’s, I think, and is separated from her husband.  She lives alone but rents a room out to the cleaning lady.  The cleaning lady babysits for a family in the neighborhood and also cleans several houses.  Well, about two weeks ago I noticed several police cars parked outside her house.  No sirens or flashing lights so it didn’t appear to be an emergency.  P said later he saw an abulance too.  We were wondering what happened and started to fabricate all sorts of tales.  Maybe the cleaning lady got into a car accident cause she’s the worse driver we know.  Maybe there was a break-in. We then saw several cars parked outside her house and continued to be parked there for several days.  Looked like she had lots of company in ther otherwise quiet house.

Well, another nosy neighbor emailed and told P that the lady’s estranged husband had committed suicide and he’s not 100% sure but he thinks he did it in her house.  She found his note and then him.  We later found out that it was true that her husband had taken his life but we’re still not sure if it happened across the street or at some other location.

This must be what retired people and housewives do at home all day long.  It was the most drama I’ve seen (minus my TV addiction the real housewives) in a long time.

The weather looks beautiful at the moment and we’re taking P’s mom out for Korean food at Yechon tonight.  Yummy!  I’m already planning out what I’m going to order….tofu sondubo, seafood pancakes, bimbimbop…..

Have a great weekend everyone!  Miss you all!


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